Individual tax advisory

Our expert individual tax advisory services encompass a broad range of specialty areas and a wide array of industries. Our typical clients are individuals looking to save their valuable tax dollars while utilizing proven, innovative, and  cost effective tax reduction strategies.

Ready to solve your tax problems with the IRS? With the experience and expertise of a CLG ™ tax professional at your side, you can have this problem solved and much more! Well-versed in the tax code, our professionals take the theoretical aspects of the tax law and apply them in a practical sense, pertinent and tailored to your unique tax situation. You can expect a tax return that has been thoroughly prepared, utilizing the latest in tax reduction strategies along with proven techniques that have served our clients well since our beginning. The end result, more money in your pocket… less in Uncle Sam’s!

General laborers, teachers, dentists, physicians, law enforcement, military personnel, electricians, plumbers, corporate executives, health care professionals, clergy, sales professionals, firefighters, carpenters, farmers, transportation workers, small business owners, retirees, and many others are all valued CLG tax clients!

Thus, our diverse clientèle offers us a tremendous advantage over our competitors, as we get to work with a large sample of the tax law, not a narrow band of it. This has proven to serve our clients well since our inception due to the tax code’s propensity to have practical application in so many areas and to many different situations.

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