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Need Help Setting Up Your New Business?

CLG Professional ServicesStarting a new business? Need help setting up a new business entity? What states are the most favorable for businesses? Where should I incorporate? Should I dissolve my corporation? What type of business entity will best suit my current and future needs, while still minimizing my tax obligations? What fringe benefits can I take advantage of?

We get these and many other questions frequently. Your CLG tax professional will take the tax complexities of business entities and bring them down to an understandable, personal level. We’ll share with you real-world tax reduction strategies for your corporation, LLC or partnership that are often times simple, yet effective. With our familiarity and exposure to a wide array of business types, we will often uncover tax deductions or tax reduction strategies missed by other tax professionals who lack our real world experience in working with various business entities.

We Can Help Get Your Business Started in As Little As 48 hours

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